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Cy Endfield

Al Goshman

Brief Biography

A multi talented, Film writer, Producer, Director, and top card magician. He famously directed the classic film Zulu in 1962. His books, Cy Endfield’s Entertaining Card Magic, published by Harry Stanley, were influential in the development of card magic worldwide.

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CY ENDFIELD INTERVIEW – 10.09. & 10.10.1977

Cy Endfield interviewed by Patrick Page – Arrival in England – Queen Mary story – Winston Churchill – Unique Magic Club – Al Koran – Alex Elmsley – Cy Cards to Pocket – Aces and Tens – Aces for Connoisseurs – Hofzinser change – Card Spinning – Card through Hank – Eric Haylock – Second deal – Peek – Side Steal – Faro – Fake Faro – Dai Vernon – Huber – Fred Kaps – IBM corresponding membership 1927/1928 – Max Holden 1936 – John Scarne – Paul Curry – Oscar Weigle – The Bums – Curry Elmsley comparison – Dr. Daley – Horowitz – California – Charlie Miller – advanced manipulative magic – Francis Carlyle – 1947/48 – Ed Marlo – Carmen Damico – Bill Simon – Bruce Elliott’s Friday Night Sodality – Martin Gardner – Richard Himber – Charlie Miller technique – Hofzinser top change – Himber – Hollywood Magic Shop – Bert Wheeler – The Bower Boys – Jimmy Grippo – Owen Brothers – Merv Taylor – Orson Welles – Jack Moss – The Mercury Theatre Company – Citizen Kane – The Magnificent Ambersons – Thurston – Fu Manchu – Blackstone – Marlene Dietrich – Rita Hayworth.

Orson Welles – Richard Himber – magical circus – film to life – Rita Hayworth, Mrs Welles (ref: Magic of DC You Tube) – Cy in England – as an M.C. – Woody Guthrie – Meade Lux Lewis – Shelley Winters – the English Royal Family – Prince Charles – Balloon Animals – Robert du Pas – Vernon – Slydini – TV – Bernard Braden – Cy on David Nixon TV Show – Chinese Sticks – Alex Elmsley – Roy Walton – Jack Avis – Bob Hummer – son of a clergyman – Cy was his first magic friend 1937 – U.F. Grant – John Scarne – Dunninger pre 1940 – Bob Hummer Card through Hank – Charlie Miller – Persi Diaconis – (some distortion) Madame Mars – Sphinx – Unique Studio – Harry Stanley – Lewis Ganson – The Gen – Ricky Jay – Steve Freeman – Charlie Miller – Alex Elmsley. (Some tape stretch at this point affects voice).



General references, stops, starts, pick up points; we’ve left most in and have only edited to retain a sense of continuity and clarity.

Pat ‘I want to lead you’ – Cy – John Scarne – Dunninger – sugar lump or note under cup – e card Monte of Hummer – Koran sugar cube under cup – Persi Diaconis assisted in Cy’s version – pick up into Hummer’s Whirlaway Card – card spinning – Dai Vernon – Silent Mora story – Thurston – Pat Page.



Here is a really choice item. Cy Endfield performing card effects for a lay audience. It is fascinating to note the pace that he works at. Effects are very much of the Cy Endfield canon, check out the book. We believe Mrs Endfield voice asking “Is anybody going towards Chelsea?”



In the early 1980’s Cy Endfield invented what was in effect an early very small Word Processor; its unique cachet was it was portable, hand held, and quicker than handwriting. This recording is of poor quality, we have improved it technically as far as possible but it isn’t perfect. However, the recording is unique and therefore important to us. Although not magic it is the product of a magical mind and sensibility and wasn’t Cy’s only invention, in the early 1970’s he created a unique interlocking Chess Set that combined to make two ‘wands’ one Silver and one Gold. It sold as a limited edition of 650units worldwide and it officially commemorated the famously titanic Spassky – Fischer chess championship contest in 1972. So we make no apology for including this recording in the Archive. Cy was a close friend of Patrick Page; the two men had great respect for each other’s abilities and talent. Below are some specific relevant links, there are others you may wish to explore.


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