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Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin

Brief Biography

A genuine professional street magician, learned his trade the hard way in London after the second world war. Had a solid repertoire of tricks that played in that tough environment, and filled his cap.

Dick Turpin was a real throw back, a bona fide ’Street Magician’ of yesteryear. His tricks were hard won, not readily acquired, as was his repertoire. It is magic of it’s time and before, but it was in the main how Dick Turpin made his living. Pat knew him for a long time; Dick could be seen in various choice street locations all around London in that austere and grim post war period when money was tight and rationing was the norm. Being a street entertainer wasn’t a luxury or romantic in any way, often for such performers it was born of necessity; it’s how they made a living. Don’t expect fabulous finesse, but do expect absolute reality by a jobbing itinerant who did it for real, put your self in Dick’s shoes and listen to his story.

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Phantom Cigarette Goldston – monologue – Jay Marshall – Cards to Pocket – ‘you see what you don’t see and you don’t see what you do see’ – dimishing cards – ‘giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy’ – behind the back – card on forehead – stop trick – fan of cards – Hanky Indian Silk through wrist – Commercial Road – pub on corner – Nest of Boxes – Hunter Watch – Jasper Maskelyne at Egyptian Hall – lived in Fulham – two Detectives – Villiers Street pitch – 6 shillings – digs in The Cut, Waterloo – Juggler – Beaufort Street pub – handcuffs, Policemen handcuffed together – gimmicked handcuffs – 12shillings and 6p – Homburg – 2 black deuces – King of Diamonds – 3 of Spades – 2 Black Jacks – card selected – 4 Ace trick – Ace Cutting – Recurring Card.


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