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Francis White

Francis White

Brief Biography

A President (the 8th) of The Magic Circle his tenure covered a period of decades. Although he was categorised as a Semi-professional magician working in Cabaret and Stage magic, his brilliant timing and casual wit were of a completely professional standard. He was droll and amusing in a much understated English way. In his youth he was taught magic by David Devant.

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How nice to hear Francis White in his pomp, long time President of The Magic Circle, working out his introductions to various artists for up coming lecture.



Devano introductions – Francis introduces John Young – Andertons – joined 1930 – The Magicians Club – Maskelynes – St, Georges Hall – Stanyon – strippers – from his house in Solent Road, Hampstead – Lenz – Magicians Club – Ivanhoe or Kenilworth – Goldston – Sunday evenings – joined after Houdini – library story – Arthur Prince – Horace Golding Egg Bag – Jossefy – assistant to Thurston – Talking Skull – head turning signal – 4D story – silks – verbal force – 15.5.1930died – character sketch Dickens Hindu’s Paradise poem – die into marble clock effect – threads – Hoffmann Card Star – council 1933 – Max Templeton – 1933 banquet Park Lane Hotel – J.F.Orrin – Robert Harbin – John Young torn and restored newspaper – Dedi – 1934 – tableau – Lord Ampthill – Mahmoud – colour and show on the stage – quick change – compeering – Aberdeen Magic Society – 9 of diamonds – Army Shows – Royal Fusileers – Lord Nelson – wife Lesley Young – prologue as the Devil – painted gold – green make up – Capt L.C. Nichols – Edmund Younger Servais le Roy glass bowl production – late 1940’s – St,Albans pageant – fire eating – David Devant – fire eating gimmick given by Devant – John Brierly – Ralph Reader Albert Hall – prologue at Scala Theatre – week long – Douglass Craggs – Merlin – 1950 Naldret gave up Magic Circular – John became editor – 1945 – original card Stanyon sold it – wand through card penetration – contrast contemporary magic with the past – Wilfred Allen – Ralph Delvin sympathetic silks – quote Delvin advice to young magicians – ‘When you go on the stage regard your audience as dirt!’


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