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Based for most of his life in Switzerland, Pavel was a prolific and ingenious inventor of magic effects, many highly visual by design; he performed professionally all over the world and also lectured to magicians all over the world, and made numerous television appearances, including the prestigious Ed Sullivan Show in 1968, in the process. Wrote and published books, and many booklets of his originations.

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Possibly more than almost any other lecturer Pavel’s magic is difficult to transcribe on a trick by trick basis, especially in audio. His effects were always about the visual effect, ropes, silks, coloured cardboard rings (his familiar Colourings was one of a number of tricks using such rings), symbol cards, Perspex tubes for a stunning silk vanish or appearing and disappearing knots in rope, transfers of coloured silks, coloured rope knots, any combination from one to four ropes involving four colours, the Zig Zag elephant. Almost all defy adequate description, his Lecture notes carried little text, effects, methods and sequence were conveyed with illustrations, a clever device when lecturing to non English speakers. So, in this case regard the audio as a start point and seek out his Lecture notes (there were many of them) and a little astute detective work will marry this Lecture to the effects he reveals herein. Be assured they are worth it.


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