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Ramsay Reunion

Ramsay Reunion

Brief Biography

Organised by Fred Robinson (the great English card conjuror) as a tribute to the great Scottish conjurer, it was a one off event which saw the cream of star magicians worldwide travel to Birmingham, England to attend and participate in what proved to be one of the best convention style events ever conceived. Fortunately much of it was recorded for posterity.

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Day One:

Introduction – Patrick Page

Dai Vernon – Yes, it’s “the professor” himself opening the affair and reminiscing about the first time he met the legendary John Ramsay.

Fred Kaps – It’s the one and only Fred Kaps, performing among other things, the Card in the Box, Cups & Balls and his deservedly famous Copper and Silver routine.

Gaetan Bloom – With a hammer, a nail, a block of wood and a bandage.

Ron Wilson – This uncanny Scot from Los Angeles starts off with his favourite “icebreaker”, the Colour Changing Knife and continues with a Colour Changing Handkerchief routine. After a couple of card effects he concluded with an unbelievable vanish of a full deck of fifth two cards.

Phillipe Fiahlo – This is the only time anyone has had the ingenuity to devise a “Chink-a-Chink” routine where the spectators can actually see the coins travelling across the table top.

Los Mancos – Two “one armed men” performing close up miracles.

Juan Tamariz – The only time anyone had ever seen card tricks performed with a harmonica accompaniment… by the same performer.

David Roth – Sensational… if at times you hear no reaction to an effect he has performed, believe us… it’s stunned silence.

Chatting with some of the conventioneers while Patrick Page listens in on Dai Vernon.



Day One:

Dai Vernon – Overhead in the bar chatting with Fred Kaps and others about Paul Rosini, Leipzig etc.

Roy Johnson – Listen in on Roy Johnson while he performs some of his favourite close up material at one of the tables in the bar.

Day Two:

The Medallion – This is the actual presentation of the Silver Medallion to “The Professor” by Fred Kaps and John Fisher.

David Roth – This is an excerpt from the David Roth Lecture. Many of the conventioneers present had come to this reunion for the sole purpose of seeing this young man in action. He did some unbelievable effects with coins and finished up having to fight the audience off when they wanted to buy his lecture notes.

Patrick Page presents a birthday cake to David Roth

Doug Alker – Doug presented the only silent close up act of the weekend. An all backs routine and the Kaps/Victor Eleven Card Trick

Kevin Fox – With coins, and a drink finale.

Geoff Ray – With his own version of Coins through table.

Trevor Lewis – A Four Ace effect and a Dice Stacking routine with no less than six dice which he managed to stake “Seven Up”

Piet Forton – Piet did a complete act with Jumbo Cards, in which Four Aces vanished, reappeared, and finally reversed themselves in the deck.

Bob Read – Beyond description, just listen and laugh

Fred Kaps – Performing his Expanding Chinese Coin under impossible conditions in the bar.

What the conventioneers thought of the Ramsey Reunion Weekend.



Gaetan Bloom – Card effect, spec chooses card , control, stop – go – alarm clock rings on 5H selected card – Cards in Newspaper – holes in pack – one red back rest are blue backs – 2 knives – Card to Pocket reveal – Alarm clock card effect explanation – stand up card – thread – thick card hook up.

Ron Wilson – Talks of John Ramsay – watch winder watch gag – advice eon performing and setting up – Annabelle Robinson assists – Colour Changing Silk in hands – advice on laughter – ask for it – demand it – Vernon tip – to get response – ‘How did you like it? How did you the rest of you like it?’ – Fred Kaps business card tip – Micro Macro – large card – Don Alan bowl routine – card signed both sides – Card to Wallet in envelope – 9 Diamonds Curse of Scotland – vanishing pack Devant.

Phillipe Fiahlo – Cod routine (perverse magic) to music – Re card covers a penny reappears under a black card – 4 Aces –invisible palm – chink a chink.

Los Mancos (Tamariz plus one) – Harmonica coin matrix effect – 3 Jokers – extended double coin routine – Cards through table – pay off signed card in specs hand.


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  1. carlosvinuesa

    In the photograph numbered 16, it should say “Los mancos” (literally “The one-armed men”) and not “Loc Mancos”. They are Juan Tamariz and Juan Antón.

  2. gdrayson

    Thank you Carlos – I have added the video to this page and also fixed the typo.

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