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The original concept was to offer a ‘boxed ‘ or CD wallet set of approximately 50 digitally re-mastered audio tapes in CD format with tipped in photos, informative written overviews and content summaries of each CD and magician. To be issued in a unique numbered limited edition of 500 – 1000 copies only, to be sold at a premium price.

The original preamble read as follows; ‘Patrick Page recorded and assembled, over many years, an archivists dream collection of interviews and discussions with a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the crème de la crème of  legendary 20th century magicians, in which they spoke freely and frankly about their lives, their magic and their contemporaries. Astutely prompted by Patrick each CD is a revelation in both content and the given opportunity to hear the living voices of so many giants of magic. Apart from its enormous historical value, it’s also a unique listening experience to die for; the collection is choc full of superb magic as it was performed by these greats of magic including many signature tricks. Full of revelation, secrets, exposition and insight, this is the real stuff, the ‘inside track’, the soundtrack that underpinned the best magic of the finest magicians of the last century. It should appeal to magic enthusiasts world-wide’.


So, the laborious process of digitising and technically upgrading the tapes began, there were hours and hours of recordings that needed careful attention. Obviously it would take time to complete, and in this fast moving technological world we now inhabit technology moved forward, traditional sound carriers once usurped by CD formats were overtaken by further advances in compression technology and formats were re-written and configured yet again. Today physical product is clearly losing the battle to survive, downloading and streaming are now omnipotent, and wireless technology is the go to facilitator. The pace of technical advance inevitably forced us to look again at the best way to deliver the Archive on a realistic basis; clearly what would once have been a very high price product couldn’t be justified in a changing market place. This is very good news indeed for the current purchaser as the Archive can now be delivered in a format that is most affordable and even better it can be delivered directly to you promptly and easily, enabling you to hear it various ways of personal choice. So, which contemporary format should we offer streaming or download and which would be the most convenient?

We have decided to make the entire Archive a downloadable product, one purchase and it’s yours forever, to own and revisit at your leisure, streaming would require returning to purchase every time you desired to hear any of it, clearly not ideal for all practical purposes. The only fear we have regarding downloads is the ease it would allow the ‘Pirates’ to operate, however we believe the vast majority of magicians to be honourable and we rely on their integrity and innate honesty.

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