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Welcome to one of the most fascinating, unusual and compelling audio archives extant. It’s rich with information, entertainment and curiosities. Its prime value is as a historical live memoire of great magicians past and present, some obviously better known than others but all are significant in their own way. In this instant fix digital age when even neophytes seem to be putting out DVD’s at a rate unimaginable in years gone by, the Patrick Page Audio Archive offers a return to days of mystery and men of substance, men who came into magic when secrets really were secrets, zealously guarded by creators and performers, magicians who had paid their dues and didn’t see it as something disposable but as something eminently more substantial. In many cases they were the early entrants, pioneers even, who appreciated invention and performance in equal measure, and they became the taste makers that informed all the generations that followed and their legacy lives on to this very day.


The Archives second value is as an entertainment, many of the recordings were made at a time when the participants were in their performing prime, so your listening experience is more than an eavesdropping fly on the wall, it really places you in the room with them, when they had energy and zest for magic, soak up their wit, wisdom and humour, you will learn much from each of them and certainly laugh with them whilst being informed of the esoteric and arcane days of magical history. The fact that audio creates the ‘radio effect’ enabling you to imagine as you listen is all to the good, in many ways it’s a more measured and tangible experience than the passive viewing of video. We believe you will marvel at the ingenuity of many of the professional magicians and performers you will listen to, theirs was never an easy road yet they prevailed and ultimately thrived, and in the process became revered legends whose words resonate down the years.

Finally we have to thank the late Patrick Page for having the foresight to conduct these recordings; Pat was one of the most knowledgeable men to grace the world of magic, magic collecting and performance, his interviews benefit enormously the resultant content, he knew exactly which buttons to press to generate appropriate responses and priceless information from all he interviewed. It seems almost facetious to say it because we know you will, but we’ll say it anyway……..Enjoy.


Patrick Page and his wife Margaret at Davenports Centenary

Patrick Page and his wife Margaret at Davenports Centenary 1998. Photo courtesy of The Davenport Collection

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